We manufacture module-based machine units  such as pumping, dosing, heating and cooling units, electrical enclosures and switchboards. We use state of the art engineering software for the electrical and mechanical design as well as for the strength and efficiency calculations. We understand the characteristics and performance of different materials from metals to plastics, and we can arrange separate production areas for even the most demanding materials. We can manufacture units from a single pump to a fully automated module measuring tens of cubic meters. Based on the customer’s needs, we design and engineer products to meet both the customer requirements and the current regulations.


The cleantech units are designed to reduce the harmful emissions caused by the combustion process.

The ammonia unit, for instance, can be used to decrease the amount of NOx, SO2 and CO2 emissions. It feeds ammonia water solution into the boiler based on emission measurements. Before its injected into the boiler, the ammonia solution is mixed with demineralized water.


The heavy oil unit is used to heat oil and pump it to a set location at the desired temperature and pressure.

In most cases, the unit consists of two pumps, filters, resistors and various instrumentation. The parallel installation of pumps ensures uninterrupted operation and effective maintenance. The filters prevent impurities from entering the combustion process. The instrumentation is used to control the pressure, flow and temperature of the heavy oil. Typical instrumentation includes safety and control valves as well as temperature, pressure and mass flow gauges.


The valve station is used to pretreat the gas or liquid before it is fed into the burner to ensure the constant quality and effectiveness of the combustion process.


The heat exchanger unit controls the temperature of the substances used in the process and heats or cools them to the desired temperature.


Automatic fire fighting systems typically maintain the pressure and flow of water by electrically powered pumps. In the event of fire, however, both cables and electric devices can suffer a malfunction. The intelligent emergency water container monitors the operation of the electric pumps and, in case of a breakdown, activates a diesel powered backup pump, thus ensuring the constant operation of the fire sprinkler system.


The Steel Master group serves customers around the world and has delivered units to several countries.
The company supplies products to various businesses including diesel engine, power plant and industrial boiler manufacturers in Finland.

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