Steel Master in short

The Steel Master group engineers and manufactures module-based solutions for the handling  of liquids and gases. As one of the leading experts in the industry, the company’s business is based on high quality products and services, efficiency and flexibility. The Steel Master group consists of Steel Master Finland Ltd (SMF) and Steel Master Marine Ltd (SMM).


Steel Master Finland Ltd was founded by Esa Tuominen in 1995. The company started its operation as a steel structure manufacturer, but soon expanded its services to the construction of module-based machine units. As the demand for the units grew, the company outgrew its facilities and decided to move into larger premises in Mynämäki in 1999. Steel Master Marine Ltd was founded in 2014, following a business acquisition. In 2015, the business was passed on to the next generation as Esa’s sons Markus, Matias and Tuomas assumed a larger role in the company.

Strategy, vision, mission and values


Steel Master is targeting growth in the Finnish and international markets by engineering and manufacturing high-quality solutions for the process, marine and energy industries and developing both current and new solutions to help support our customers’ businesses.


We aim to grow into a globally acknowledged company within the process, marine and energy industries with emphasis on:

  • Providing added value to customers
  • Finding solutions to problems and challenges
  • Manufacturing high-quality products efficiently
  • Developing products in co-operation with customers
  • Facilitating the day-to-day business of customers by being a flexible supplier


We engineer and produce solutions to help improve our customers’ processes.


  • Client-oriented co-operation
  • Flexible production and reliable deliveries
  • Versatile professional expertise
  • First-rate materials management
  • Safe working environment
  • Environmentally sound operations


 Steel Master Finland Oy has been operating since 1995 and serves the process industries and power plants needs. We employ about 50 people. Efficient, customer-oriented production harnessed workshop is located an 8-Mynämäki road, excellent transport links and close to the ports.

3000 m² workshop is designed to support the efficient and trouble-free production. The materials moving through the hall stage to another. The storage area is immediately adjacent to the assembly area, and each production / assembly unit has its own 500 kg boom lift. In addition, above the entire workshop area has two industrial cranes with a lifting capacity of 16.5 tons. Generously sized, 9 m x 5 m overhead doors allow the production and transfer of even large machine units.